Project Development Services

Blake Street Energy offers its Project Development Services to two primary client groups:  waste collection/transportation companies, and municipalities.  Our services range from as little as designing and manufacturing equipment for a planned waste recycling facility, to fully developing, financing, co-owning, and operating the entire facility.

Waste Collection Companies

Blake Street Energy provides a cost competitive, and much more environmentally-friendly alternative, for waste collection companies to dispose of its materials than landfills.  In addition to this, our facilities can provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • A waste tariff that is competitive, and often lower, than current market rates.
  • A long-term contract (10 years or longer), with a fixed waste tariff and guaranteed disposal capacity of at least 400 tons of waste per day.
  • Given the environmentally-friendly operation of our facilities, we are normally able to site our projects close to the waste source, reducing transportation costs and CO2 emissions.
  • State-of-the-art, proven waste separation equipment and operations expertise, which ensures that our doors are open for handling waste 24/7, 365-days per year.
Municipalities are often faced with severe waste management problems, given landfills are typically at or near full capacity, are not environmentally-friendly, new landfill plans are met with strong opposition, and the cost of a new waste recycling facility is prohibitively expensive.

Blake Street Energy is able to work with municipalities to overcome these issues.  We can offer to design, develop, finance, build, and operate new waste recycling facilities, which can use 100% of newly-generated waste (thus eliminating the need for a new landfill), while helping to close existing landfills, and converting them into parks.  Blake Street Energy is able to provide these services to a municipality with NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT required from it, as our projects are funded entirely by private investors and commercial banks.  The municipality simply needs to enter into long-term contracts with our facility for waste supply at an agreed tariff, and purchase steam generated by our projects at market rates, to make the project attractive to investors.

In addition to providing a long-term, environmentally-friendly waste management solution for a given municipality, our projects also offer the creation of over 100 new jobs for local residents, and can typically move from concept to operations within 12 months.  To begin discussions with the Blake Street Energy team, please contact us.